Green Cleaning

GreenCleaningAll Sunport custodial supervisors and upgrade supervisors have been trained and certified as green clean technicians. The Green Clean Institute Certification Program not only qualifies individuals but also buildings and organizations. Both of these programs led to meeting a portion of the LEED Certification requirements for the Sunport.

Aviation Custodial has improved the current Activion device to the Ionator EXP, which is EPA approved. The Ionator EXP kills more than 99.9% of harmful bacteria and the Pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza A virus (kills virus in six seconds). This product uses plain tap water to clean and sanitize. The Ionator EXP ionizes the water to kill harmful germs, then reverts back to plain tap water after it has been used and leaves behind zero residue providing an excellent alternative for cleaning. This allows us to eliminate traditional chemical-based cleaners thus creating a safer environment for custodians, employees, and tenants as well as the traveling public and making it a good choice for the environment creating a safer and more sustainable world. These devices are among the only cleaners in the world without a chemical-related health warning label. Plus, it helps with the budget bottom line by eliminating repeat purchases of chemical-based products. We were able to eliminate stainless steel, general purpose, and glass cleaner cleaning chemicals after deploying the Ionator EXP. We also converted to green 100% recycled paper towels.

The City of Albuquerque Aviation Department has received certification from the Green Clean Institute. This has been achieved through our custodial supervisor & upgrade training, along with rank & file and use of innovative techniques and special tools.  Click here to view certificate.

In addition, the staff receives Green training each month to educate them with new Green Clean Standards. We have implemented a Train the Trainer program where the Certified Supervisor trains the staff from the Green Clean Technician 101 Training Manual. Each month one chapter is reviewed and questions are answered in a group setting, after which the staff applies their knowledge in the field.

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