Police Bike Patrols

PoliceBikePatrolBikes provide environmental and health benefits. Bike patrols run on human power rather than gas, therefore their carbon footprint is much smaller than would be with patrol cars. With zero emissions, bicycle patrols may be an attractive option for green initiatives.

The Albuquerque Aviation Police also developed this program to improve response time and to detect criminal activity. The bike patrol provides better speed and mobility than foot patrol and access to areas where patrol vehicles are often limited. The bike officers sit up higher, giving them a panoramic view of activities. They patrol areas including the terminal, parking structures and the rental car facility.

Officers have greater contact with citizens than vehicle patrols and blend into the environment, allowing them to go undetected by individuals who may engage in anti-social behavior. The physical activity involved also provides exercise for the officers, keeping them in great shape. It not only improves their health but keeps them alert and provides a sense of well-being.

Each of the officers selected for bike patrol duties undergo intense training on all aspects of bike safety and tactical deployment methods. Overall, they provide an additional layer of security at the Albuquerque Sunport.

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