Water Conservation

WaterConservationLandscapingSunport Boulevard Landscaping

Sunport Blvd. landscaping was installed using low-water use plant materials (xeric). The median portion of the landscape was designed for the efficient capture of storm water by creating swales in terrain eliminating run off from the area.

This design was recognized and received an award for water conservation. The sloped areas north and south of the roadway are supporting the Buffalo and Blue Gramma grass. These grasses are quite drought tolerant and require much less maintenance (mowing, fertilizing, etc.) than the cool season turf varieties commonly used. All of the newer installations of landscape included new installation of irrigation systems. The system programming is now controlled by a central computer system allowing much better and more efficient use of water. As of January 2010 construction of a new water line originating from the waste treatment plant through the Sunport and points beyond is being installed. Once complete this pipeline will supply non-potable treated re-use water for irrigating the landscape at the Sunport.

Another aspect of the diversity of the landscape is the vast inventory of trees. The landscape maintenance crews have been aggressively increasing the number of trees throughout the landscape while maintaining the existing inventory. These trees are a vital element in our sustainability goals. Trees perform a multitude of functions including carbon sequestration, converting CO2 to oxygen, storm water mitigation, erosion control, natural cooling and the reduction of VOC emitted by automobiles to name a few.