Sunport Art Collection

Below is a comprehensive list of artworks at the Sunport.

Sunport Boulevard

  • Gray Mercer, “Running Horses,” cor-ten steel sculpture, 11x35x6′
  • Joe Keith, Quality Fountain for Desert Bloom (Bennie Duran) Pot, 7’x10′
  • Holly Sanchez, Fountain for Desert Bloom (Bennie Duran) Black/Gray Pot, 6’x3′
  • Kim Young, Fountain for Desert Bloom (Bennie Duran) Animal Pot, 6’x3′
  • Ben and Geraldine Toya, Quality Fountain for Desert Bloom (Bennie Duran) Jemez Pueblo Pot, 6’x3′
  • Rogelio Madero, “La Serpentina,” Madero Sculpture & Design, 800’x2′
    Sunport Boulevard – Departure/Ticketing Level
  • Glenna Goodacre, “The Basket Dance,” bronze sculpture #5/12, 6×3′ wide

Concourse Level – Above Escalators

  • Nancy Kozikowski, “Runways,” hand-dyed wool tapestry, 6×20′


  • Gus Foster, “Central Avenue at Carlisle, Albuquerque,” color photograph, ektacolor print, 13×92″
  • Pop Chalee, “Buffalo Dancer,” casein on canvas, 85×61″
  • Francis Rivera, “Spring Fever,” oil on canvas, 50×50″
  • Bob Lee, “Night on Elk Mountain,” oil on canvas, 38×52″ (on loan to Los Lunas Heritage Museum and Art)
  • Snidow, Gordon, “What the Hell Are We Waiting for Now, Christmas?”, gouache on board, 20″x38″
  • Senaida & Emilio Romero, “Holy Family,” Embroidered colcha on textile w/tin frame, 21×21″
  • Marie Romero Cash, “Cristo & Mourning Figures,” carved & painted niche, mixed media, 20x16x6″
  • Irene Martinez Yates, “Bere de Santa Cruz,” carved & painted wood, 21x17x 3″
  • J Waid Griffin, “Waiting for Rain”-oil on canvas, 5’hx7’w
  • Michael McCormick Gallery (on loan):
  • Tom Suriya, “Taos Mountain Summer,” 20″x60″
  • Kevin McDermott, “Casa Grande Ollas,” 32.5″x42.5″
  • Kevin McDermott, “Zia,” 24″ x 32″
  • Malcolm Furlow, “Wolf at the Spring” #11/90, 20″x20″
  • Malcolm Furlow, “Jack” #15/90, 30″x30″
  • Pat Woodall, “Return to the Pueblo,” 15.5″x17.5″
  • Pat Woodall, “The Congregation,” 17″x23″
  • Shelbee Mares, “Taos Garden, 18″x 24”
  • Shelbee Mares, “Botanica IV,” 18″x24″
  • Shelbee Mares, “Reflective Awakening,” 36″x48″
  • Bill Baker, “Waiting on Noragachic,” 17″x23″

West Wing

  • Larry Calcagno, “Earth Legend Series,” acrylic on canvas, 49×39″
  • John Lawler (on loan): John Nieto, “Anniversary Ascension,” framed acrylic painting on canvas, 63″x52″
  • Aaron Karp, “Caldron,” acrylic on canvas, 60×80″

Sandia Vista Room

  • Luis Tapia, “Our Lady of Guadalupe,” santo, painted wood carving 20″x6″x5″
  • Stella Teller, “Storyteller”-native clay, polychrome paint, turquoise and heishe, 11″x10″x13″
  • Robert Tenorio, “Sikyatki Shaped Bow”-hand-coiled clay with earth pigments, 8″x15″
  • Dorothy Torivio, “Seed Jar”-pottery with traditional black paint/graduated design, 11″x11″
  • Maxine Toya, “Hopi Woman”-ceramic with earth pigments, 12″x9″x6″
  • Dora Tse Pe, “Untitled”-black ceramic & turquoise with Avanyu design, 7″x9″
  • Robert Montoya, “Images in the Pueblo Night”-casein on ragboard, 16″x20″
  • Tina R. John, “Untitled”-Two Grey Hills tapestry, traditional Navajo design, 26″x40″
  • Pablita Velarde, “Why the Coyote Bays at the Moon”-earth pigment painting on masonite, 24″x14″
  • Marcellus and Elizabeth Medina, “Jar with Dancers”-ceramic with polychrome paint, 10″x11″
  • Charmae Natseway, “Seed Pot”-traditional ceramic with Mimbres design, 7″x8″

Between A & B Concourses

  • Lincoln Fox, “Dream of Flight,” bronze sculpture, 17×14′

Gate A-2 Floor Case

  • Clifford Fragua, “Guardian of the Fourth World,” marble/alabaster, 54x26x18″

Gate B-6

  • Martha Slaymaker, “La Facade II,” bisque porcelain, mixed media & wood on plywood base, 46x27x2″
  • L. Armando Ortega, “Lucinda,” Chimayo weaving, contemporary design, 32×48″
  • Fritz Scholder, “The Magician,” color lithograph, #53/60, 39×26″

D Gates

  • Ron Adams, “Profile in Blue,” color lithograph, #16/50, 47×35″

Associate Director’s Reception Area

  • Morris Rippel, “Corrales Mystique,” watercolor on board, 26×38″
  • Betty Hahn, “Botanical Layout: Peony”, photographic color lithograph, #40/40, 24″x20″

Planning and Development

  • Dayton F. Molzen (on loan) 16″x24″ Framed Color Photographs:
    • “Day’s Done”
    • “Rest Stop”
    • “Desert Thunder”
    • “Tack Room”
    • “Sabrina”
    • “River Crossing”

Ticketing Level – Outside Press Room and Meeting Room

  • Gary Niblett, “Guadalupe Sunrise,” oil on canvas, 39×49″
  • Tim Prythero, “American,” mixed media sculpture, 13x28x8″
  • Hilda Appel Volkin, “All That Surrounds the Earth Surrounds Me,” silkscreen acrylic sculpture, 10x29x7″
  • RC Gorman, “Storage Jar,” color lithograph, #37/225, 26×36″
  • Sam Scott, “Sun Song,” oil on canvas, 44×34″

Director’s Area

  • Pop Chalee, “Brown Deer,” casein on canvas, 35×45″
  • Pop Chalee, “Blue Deer,” casein on canvas, 35×45″

Great Hall

  • John Boomer, “Serenity & Hope,” wood & marble sculpture with music string, 35″ x 12″ x 7″
  • Liz Anderson, “Untitled,” ceramic vessel raku fired, 17″x15″x11″
  • Louise Laval, “Andean Spirit,” doll: fabric, clay, fetishes, silver, tin, ribbon, yarn, 29″x9″x4″
  • Elizabeth C. Naranjo, “Lamp Vase,” traditional black ceramic with Avanyu design, 17″x12″ diameter
  • Pop Chalee, “Buffalo Mural,” casein on canvas, 49″x202″
  • Pop Chalee, “Horse Mural,” casein on canvas, 48″x202″
  • Wilson Hurley, “La Cueva Sunset, West,” oil on canvas, 63″x135″
  • Wilson Hurley, “La Cueva Sunset, East,” oil on canvas, 63″x135″
  • Eddie Dominguez, “Untitled,” terracotta fish platter with glaze, 12″x18″x3″
  • Charlie Carrillo, “La Huida a Egipto,” traditional New Mexican retablo, paint on wood, 24″x18″
  • Paula Rodriguez, “Popular Santos in New Mexico,” black wooden cross with straw inlay, 18″x10″
  • Angie Reano Owen, “Untitled,” traditional bracelet with turquoise, lapis, mother of pearl, jet and abalone on green snail shell, 4″x4″x2″
  • Stewart Quandelacy, “Medicine Bear,” fetish/alabaster with turquoise & silverado jet, 9″x9″x2″
  • Rosemarie Lopez Stuyck, “Queen of Rosary, Lady of Guadalupe, Lady of Sorrows,” retablo, paint on wood, 20″x31″
  • Horacio Valdez, “San Rafael,” santo, painted wood carving, 20″x8″x6″
  • Tranquilino Roybal, “St Francis,” santo, painted wood carving, 25″x10″x7″
  • Artis Lane, “Emerging Madonna I,” ceramic/bronze, 25″x14″x10″
  • William Moyers, “The Norther,” bronze, 19″x19″x19″
  • John Nieto, “Buffalo Dancer,” acrylic on canvas, 6’x5′
  • Bill Baker, “Tararhumara of the Sierra Madre”, pastel on board 48″x68″
  • Grayson, Ilena, “Untitled” earthenware with metalic leaf, 15″x13″
  • Gachupin, Laura, “Owl Bowl”, traditional ceramic with polychrome paint, 6″x8″

Old Terminal Building

  • Pop Chalee, “Navajo Yeibichai,” casein on canvas, 36×26″
  • Pop Chalee, “Apache Crown Dancer,” casein on canvas, 36×26″
  • Pop Chalee, “Taos Horsetail Dancer,” casein on canvas, 62×70″
  • Pop Chalee, “Matachine,” casein on canvas, 36×26″
  • Pop Chalee, “Zuni Masked Dancer,” casein on canvas, 36×26″
  • Stuart Walker, “Untitled,” oil on canvas, 30×40″
  • Jack O’Connor, “Eagle Dancer,” metal/colored epoxy sculpture, 5’h x 8’w
  • The Albuquerque Museum (on loan):
  • Navajo Tribe, Wood Navajo Weaving, 63″x42.5″
  • Navajo Tribe, Wood Yei Type Weaving, 70″x39″
  • Navajo Tribe, Wood Navajo Weaving, 82.5″ x 42″
  • Navajo Tribe, Two 1939 Grey Hills Weavings, 71″x43″
  • Willis Brooks, “Carnuel,” 1934 framed oil painting on canvas, 54.625″x66.5″
  • Patrocinio Barela, “Santo Nino De Atocha,” 1901 cottonwood, 22″x8″

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