Flight Tracking and Noise Complaints

Flight Tracking

Aircraft typically arrive and depart heading into the wind. At the Sunport, winds tend to flow out of the east and west. Though flight paths in and out of the Sunport are fairly consistent, variations are to be expected based on air traffic, weather conditions, and overall safety.

Track Flights & File Noise Complaints

The Sunport offers a web-based solution for tracking flights and filing noise complaints with the ability to view and track aircraft within the City of Albuquerque and surrounding areas in near real time. The system provides information such as aircraft operations (arrival, departures, and overflights), aircraft ID and type, altitude and speed.

For more information and an overview of the Sunport’s Flight Tracking and Noise Complaint System, download our Quick Start Guide. You may also call the┬ánoise hotline at (505) 842-2007.

Flight Tracking and Noise Complaint Frequently Asked Questions